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It’s often said that your university years are some of the best in your life, but they are also some of the busiest. Between juggling your exams and countless social events, the last thing you need to worry about is finding a reliable and affordable self-storage company to store your belongings. At Self Storage Land, we tick all these boxes and more. With our flexible contracts, a wide variety of unit sizes, convenient locations, and moving services, you can store all your possessions over long vacations or between big moves with ease.

Reliable student storage to save you money

A home away from home

Self Storage Land is the largest self-storage company in South Africa and has more than 50 stores nationwide. From WITS and the University of Pretoria to UCT and UWC, Self Storage Land is conveniently located near all major educational institutions to make your self-storage experience painless and stress-free. Simply pull up to one of our easy access points, tap your tag and load your valuables into your storage unit – it’s that easy.

Variety of unit sizes

As a student, you get used to fitting your whole life into a few boxes, but with Stor-Age, you don’t have to. Whether you’re only storing a suitcase and some books or the entire contents of your room, we have over 40 different unit sizes to choose from. If you’re not sure what size will suit you, our space estimator can give you a better idea. Alternatively, simply contact us on 0861 18 18 18 and our dedicated team of self-storage specialists will help you find the right size.

Short-term contracts

During a home renovation, your belongings have a high risk of being damaged or lost. At Stor-Age, you never have to worry about a tin of paint being spilt on your favourite couch or a crack in an irreplaceable mirror. Our units are not only designed to protect your goods in a fire or flood, but they are also equipped with state-of-the-art security systems such as computer-controlled access, electrified perimeter fencing, alarm systems, and 24-hour CCTV surveillance to safeguard your belongings.

Safe and reliable storage

When you’re moving into new digs or returning home for the holidays, your belongings have a high risk of being stolen. With Stor-Age’s state-of-the-art security, you can enjoy your holiday with the peace of mind that your valuables are under the watchful eye of our dedicated staff. Our stores are equipped with computer-controlled access, electrified perimeter fencing, alarm systems, 24-hour CCTV surveillance, and fire prevention systems to ensure your possessions are protected at all times.

A pair of helping hands

Self Storage Land is the one-stop-shop for all your storage needs. We not only offer self-storage but quality packaging items and van rental services. We have a wide selection of packaging products available both in-store and online. With our convenient home delivery service, you can order anything from locks and boxes to goods protectors, and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.**


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*See store specific access hours to confirm
**Selected stores

How we stand apart?

Does your business need more space? As more companies shift to remote working and startups emerge, the need for affordable space is increasing. With over 50 conveniently-located stores nationwide, Stor-Age is the perfect business storage solution to help you upsize or downsize your company as needed. Our flexible lease agreements and variety of unit sizes allow you to only pay for the space you need for as long as you need it. We also offer a range of additional services for a convenient and stress-free storage experience, including an online packaging shop and van hire service.